Poems & Essays

Essays & Creative Nonfiction

“Tree Fail,” Salamander (Summer 2023)


“Pulses,” Hippocampus Magazine (July/August 2022)


“Open Carefully,” Solstice Literary Magazine (March 2021)


“There’s No Simple Way to Make It OK,” Guernica Magazine (March 2021)


“Pub Night,” Jellyfish Review (September 2020)


“Missing Pieces,” Connotation Press (March 2019)


“Finding Karen,” storySouth (Spring 2018)


“Guns, Tea and Eating Chicken,” Blackbird (Spring 2007)


“Undone” and “Eve: After the Fall,” Texas Review Press, The Southern Poetry Anthology: Virginia (Fall 2022)

“A Tender Dance,” The Carolina Quarterly (Spring/Summer 2019)

“How to Grow Wild,” Streetlight Magazine (June 22, 2018)

“Wake,” New Orleans Review (2016)

“Undone,” The Southern Review  (Fall 2016)

“Snapped,” Beloit Poetry Journal (Fall 2016)

“Sound Effects,” Nashville Review  (April 2015)

“Fort Worden,” Alaska Quarterly Review (Spring & Summer 2014)

“The Shetland,” Poetry East  (Fall 2013)

“No Rain for a Spell” and “Open Water,” The 2River View (Spring 2013)

“Freeze,” Willow Springs (Spring 2013)

“Girls, She Falcons, Be Thin: Let Us Work Ourselves Asleep Against You,” The Massachusetts Review (Fall 2012)

“The Aspect of Ecstasy,” Tar River Poetry (Fall 2012)

“Ice Melts, Wings Grow,” The Hudson Review  (Winter 2012)

“There Is a Problem,” Barrow Street (Winter 2011)

“Eve: After the Fall,” The Southern Review (Summer 2011)

“April & the Affront of Spring,” Oxford American (2010)

“To Market, To Market,” RHINO (2010)

“The Old Flames Rise Up from the Ashes” and “Down for the Count,” Able Muse (Winter 2009)

“Starlings,” 42opus (July 15, 2009)

“Weeding,” Whiskey Island Magazine (Fall 2007/Spring 2008)

“In the Victorian Language of the Fan,” “Keeping Thomas Company,” “One of the Slow Cats,” and “At the Boundary of Desire,” Diode (2008)

“Mrs. Cannon Passes the Parthenon on Her Way Home from Work,” “Holding for the Farrier,” and “Three AM,” Blackbird (2007)

“Diabetic on Med/Surg” and “Ars Poetica,” The Louisville Review (2007)

“The House Down the Street,” Small Spiral Notebook (2007)

“Revelations,” storySouth (2006)

“Sunday,” Bellevue Literary Review (2006) Also see: Love in the Time of Cancer (April 2012)

“A Stable Lad’s Pentimento,” The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review (2005)

“Calling Home,” Southern Indiana Review (2005)

“Nashville Elegy,” North American Review (2005)